Ed O'Keefe

Chief Executive Officer

Ed joined DevHub in 2014 to further grow EVO's profitable DevHub business within the United States and abroad. Having lived and worked in Europe, Ed has the unique experience of pushing next-gen digital marketing products into 8 markets (Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark) across 8 languages and 5 currencies within a 3.5 year sprint.

Having served leadership/ executive roles in YP, National Agency, PayPerCall and digital marketing sectors; Ed is the fuel for EVO's rocketship.

Ed's LinkedIn

Daniel Lee Rust

Co-President + CTO + Co-founder

Daniel created the DevHub platform architecture and continues to define EVO Media Group's technical roadmap and structure.

He currently heads EVO's team of highly-skilled engineers. Daniel has been at the edge of emerging search engine technologies and Internet design for over 12 years.

His past creations include down2night, SynapseLife (acquired Q1'07), and BuyersVine (acquired Q4'06).

Daniel attended Central Washington University studying Business Administration. He is completely a self-taught chief architect and his technical prowess is legendary.

Daniel's Blog: http://danielrust.com

Mark A. Michael

Co-President + Co-founder

With a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Marketing Relations from Central Washington University, Mark has the ultimate responsibility of making sure the innovation that happens at EVO is communicated to the masses: timely, effectively and strategically.

Mark is a business brute, having handled over 120 corporate clients over 8 years while heading operations at Synapse Corporate Solutions.

Mark is the diesel engine behind the EVO movement.

Geoffrey Allen Bautista Nuval

VP Global Business Development + Co-founder

Geoff helped to conceptualize EVO Media Group in the summer of 2007 and now steers the Company's global strategy focusing on Asia.

On a day-to-day basis, Geoff covers business development and partner relations. Prior to EVO, Geoff was the CEO of down2night, inc. a nightlife social networking and event notification platform spanning over 20 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to d2n, Geoff was with Lehman Brothers Venture Partners,  working on over 14 investments with a focus on the mobile and Internet spaces. Geoff holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Science & Engineering with Honors from Stanford University (nerd) and initiated a course in Hi-tech Entrepreneurship at Oxford University's Said Business School. Geoff has spoken and presented at numerous conferences on the topics of entrepreneurship and domain development.

Jeff Schrock

Executive Chairman

Mr. Schrock provides structural, financial, and strategic guidance as EVO's Executive Chairman. He also serves on the board of Transpera and LearnLive Technologies and is part of the Intel Capital investment team. Prior to this, Mr. Schrock was RealNetworks' Vice President of Corporate Development. During his tenure, Real's corporate development team executed multiple transactions, including the $600 million joint venture between MTV Networks (Viacom) and Rhapsody, as well as the $350 million acquisition of WiderThan. Schrock also led content licensing and distribution negotiations for RealNetwork's consumer business.

Prior to joining Real, Schrock worked in corporate development for Yahoo! and also served as Vice President and General Manager of Yahoo! Broadcast following it's acquisition of Broadcast.com.

Before joining Yahoo!, Schrock honed his entrepreneurial abilities. He co-founded and served as CEO of Activate, from 1996 to 2001. Under his leadership, Activate was the second fastest growing private company in Washington state from 1998-2000. The company was financed by leading venture capitalists, including Madrona Venture Group, until it was sold to CMGI in 1999 for $100 Million.

JT Thibault

Lead Programmer + Back-end Developer

JT is the most seasoned programmer at the EVO Media Group, having spent over three years working on database and back-end development for DevHub.com.  He is responsible for building the system to keep non-quality traffic away from the DevHub network of sites.  He is also the lead on DevHub's reporting and analytics system.

Alvaro Martin

Front-end Developer

Alvaro works as a front-end developer for DevHub.com reporting directly to CTO Daniel.   He is responsible for the fast paced deployments/ updates to DevHub private label channel partners and innovating on the release of DevHub.com for small businesses. Alvaro's continued pioneering spirit has allowed DevHub private label to expand globally with great prowess in the Americas.

Jeffrey Trautwein


Jeffrey helps keep EVO's growing lines of business organized and client accounts paid. Jeffrey is a gradate of Washintgton State University.