BigDoor retreat with Amy Jo Kim, Gamification Guru

August 19, 2010

We recently returned from a one day Gamification Retreat hosted by our game mechanics partner, BigDoor (thanks Keith, Jeff, and team!). Lead by online community and social gaming expert Amy Jo Kim, a lot of great ideas came out of the group discussion and EVO Media Group's CEO, Geoffrey Nuval, recently put his notes up on his WebHub. Here's the link to the post: Here's a ...

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FaceBook Seattle Gamifies its Party Invitations

August 13, 2010

Just checked email and looks like FaceBook Seattle is having a party to celebrate the recent opening of their offices up here.  Price of Admission: solving this puzzle. Link to the rest here.  What did they just pull?  They created a competitive system in which people with certain skills can be rewarded for completing certain tasks.  What? They gamified their party invitations.   What is it really? A way for them to recruit for their Seattle ...

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Another Great Talk on Gamification of Web Platforms

August 9, 2010

This informative talk, given by gamification and social media expert Amy Jo Kim (CEO of ShuffleBrain), is over a year old but still very relevant to what we're doing over here at the EVO Media Group.

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